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While players won’t be able to unlock the likes of Diddy Kong, Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa anytime soon in Mario Tennis Aces, (available during the Fall,) the first character, can now be acquired.

Koopa Troopa Mario Tennis Aces

Although it was previously stated Koopa Troopa can be unlocked via participating in the Online Tournament that runs throughout all of July, an “A for effort” is all that is required. Unlike the Aces demo where additional characters required a certain amount of points to acquire them, with Koopa Troopa, as long as you play 1 game, regardless of whether you win or lose, he’s yours. Literally no effort is required that it’s almost like turning up to school on exam day and passing just because you showed up.

So, if you were hoping to play as him, at least for one game this Sunday, as long as you have the game, you can quite literally spend the entire day playing as him and if you don’t have the game, but intend to pick it up next month, that’s quite alright as Koopa Troopa will be available next month, to all players who didn’t compete.


Having acquired him for ourselves though, due to being in Europe, here is a quick clip of him in action, using his Special Shot:

Source: Mario Kart Aces (Nintendo Switch)

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