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NIS America will be launching Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA next week and are aware of some bugs and other issues in the game that have been plaguing Game Reviews. To remedy the issues, NIS America have outlined a schedule in which they will be releasing patch updates to fix issues that players have been experiencing. This includes text refinements, adjustments, fixing crash issues amongst other things.
Below we have the list of upcoming patches, what they are for and when they will go live:
Patch v1.01
Short Description: Fixes include adjustment to Nintendo Switch auto-sleep function, incorrect icons displaying, and text refinements.
Current Status: Ready for Launch
Actual Live Date: June 26
Patch v1.02
Short Description: Addressing crash issues, some aesthetic issues, and text refinements.
Current Status: Testing Round 2
Expected Live Date: Launch week
Patch v1.03
Short Description: Text refinements.
Current Status: Testing Round 1
Expected Live Date: Week after launch
Patch v1.04
Short Description: Japanese Voice Implementation and aesthetic refinements during cutscenes.
Current Status: Testing Round 1
Expected Live Date: Mid July 2018
If you are unsure what the statuses mean, you can see the Status workflow written below: 
• Planning
• Development 
• Testing Round 1
• Testing Round 2
• Ready for Launch 
NISA America have promised to update their patch schedule as and when new information is available. They plan to keep the information as clear as possible so that gamers know exactly what each patch is for and would like to thank everyone for their support of NIS America and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA
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