For the gamers looking for another rogue-lite RPG to play on their Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4, Intragames are bringing Survive! Mr. Cube, to both platforms next week and you can read all about it, via the official announcement below:


Survive! Mr.Cube Rouge-lite Action “Survive! Mr. Cube “ Official release on 21st June in Nintendo Switch:


Explore without too much of thinking, just to escape and to survive!


Intragames (CEO Bae Sang-chan) announced that Survive! Mr. Cube will be officially released on 21st June, 2018 for Nintendo Switch which was self- developed by a three-man team.

Survive! Mr. Cube is a quarterview Rogue-lite RPG. Mr. Cube got into an unknown world after swallowing a pill and he is trying to go back to where he belong. Almost most of features and items in the game are randomly created once the game starts from the beginning and if the character dies when his HP gets 0, the player loses everything except the gold that was earned from the previous game. All the rest will be gone and starts all from the first chapter. In order to play it more easily, it can be a good strategy to kill the character until you get a good one with great skills and a weapon.

In order to survive to the end, the character must be strengthen, and there are treasure chests hidden in each stage that consist of items to increase HP, SP, speed up of an auto self-recovery, speed up of movement on Mr. Cube in the game. This will give higher chance for the players to survive. Other than that, if the competitor cube is killed, it leaves a heart, an item for life with a weapon. This will help the players to recover HP right before it gets 0. The most interesting part is that the location of boss of each chapters changes randomly and no one knows where it will be. It is all based on luck how fast the players can find it and as it is mentioned previously in the article, it is important to survive by using the strategy.

If the character is dead, make sure you investigate the tomb at the base camp with a new cube character. The player will be able to find a decent item. Also, trading with a merchant for items with gold the player gained from the game is another way to get items. The items offered by the merchant are not only randomly determined, but also increase in price every time you make a trade. As most of features are random in this game, this game is highly related to “luck” and the players may feel difficult but with steady and persistent effort, it will lead them to the ending.

Source: Intrgames PR

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