E3 is a magical and exciting time of the year for any fan of video games. Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (or X), PlayStation 4 (or Pro) and/or PC, E3 is a period where the biggest and most exciting announcements for these consoles tend to happen. And, as proven by past E3, anything can be announced or happen during the presentations (I’m looking at you, Konami 2010 E3 press conference!).

So in the spirit of E3 and because of the shared love that the Miketendo64 team have for Nintendo and video games in general, we decided to make a list of which games, DLC, release dates, amiibo, accessories and whatever else we want to see announced during E3 this year. But this list isn’t just Nintendo themed, so everyone could talk about other consoles and companies that maybe also are part of their interest.


Let’s start with my wishes and desires for all conferences:


Want/Expect: Super Smash Bros for Switch, Fire Emblem Switch, Bayonetta 3, a new Nintendo IP, Kingdom Hearts 3, Death Stranding, The Last Of Us, more prominent 3rd party support for the Nintendo Switch.

My main focus this E3 is on Nintendo announcements and PC releases, but I also want to check PlayStation announcements (I plan to buy a PS4 this year). Mainly I want to see a real first trailer for the already announced Fire Emblem Switch and Bayonetta 3 and want to learn what is new and improved on Super Smash Bros for Switch. I would also like to see Nintendo announce a new IP, in the veins of the interesting new franchises that they released in the recent year. Finally from Nintendo, I want to see a bigger support coming from 3rd parties during their conference, but also during the other conferences.

Outside Nintendo, I want to see the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3, because each new trailer excites me more to play it( Also would love to see a port for Switch being announced). Two games that I really want to play and learn more are Death Stranding and The Last Of Us 2, that are really promising games.

In the end, as a video game lover and game developer, what I want to see are interesting announcements that are fun and interesting and that take the industry in bold directions.


Ruairi O’Brien (Lucariocios):

Want/Expect: Fossil Fighters reboot, Animal Crossing Switch, indie in Smash, fresh Xbox announcements, more PS4 announcements, Black Ops 4 details, Anthem and Assasin’s Creed franchise (?)

I would be thrilled to have a resurgence of the Fossil Fighters IP. It flopped originally but Fossil Fighters And Fossil Fighters Champions still hold up to this day. They have such unique mechanics, which with the switch’s unique features, would allow for a reboot of an extremely underrated franchise… that isn’t the mess that Fossil Fighters Frontier was. Other than the resurgence of an IP, I would love an announcement of the next Animal Crossing game. Definitely one of my favourite Nintendo IPs and it’s pretty inevitable to be coming in the next year or two. Would love to see the first indie representative in Smash too! I think the most likely candidate is Shovel Knight, but I can only dream for Sans from Undertale and Rusty from Steamworld Dig. Either way, E3 is going to be a blast. I hope everyone gets something they wanted!

I’m not a massive Xbox fan at all. Mainly due to the lack of exclusivity. I’m hoping Microsoft will make E3 their biggest yet, with some worthwhile announcements. I don’t think I’ve seen a company in this much trouble since Nintendo with the Wii U, and honestly, all consoles are great, but Xbox needs that kicker. Let’s hope they do something fresh and new, like what they did with Sunset Overdrive.

PlayStation has a pretty good E3 lineup at the moment, with more announcements leading up to it. I’m just hoping to see some more Black Ops 4 details as I’m extremely excited for that game.

Not a fan of EA at all. I don’t think I can give them any leniency after the mess of Battlefront 2. However, they’ve shown that they can turn it around with Battlefield V’s lack of DLC or Season Pass. This gives me hope that Anthem will be bigger and better than ever, WITHOUT anti-consumer tactics. I want the game to be good, I really do, I’m just filled with a lot of doubt.

And with Ubisoft, I hope that alongside Assassins Creed Odyssey, we also get a sneak peak of Assassin’s Creed Sunshine, Assassins Creed Galaxy, Assassins Creed Galaxy 2 and Assassins Creed 3D World.


Solid Jack:

Want/Expect: A new The Legend of Zelda, Breath Of The Wild DLC for Hyrule Warriors D.E., WarioWare Switch, Bayonetta 3, Ridge Racer 8, Super Smash Bros for Switch, Fire Emblem Switch, Yoshi Switch, Wii U Port, Linkle amiibo, Octoling trio amiibo and Smash Bros. amiibo.

As a huge Zelda fan, I am always about the next Zelda game and with the likes of Breath of the Wild and TriForce Heroes being the last main series games we’ve heard about in the last couple of years, it’s hgh time we got to hear about the next game in the pipeline. Also, not that the game needs it, but I would love it if DLC for Hyrule Warriors D.E. is revealed as just having one new Adventure mode map and one new stage would be incredible. So would a Mipha Skin for Ruto and a Daruk skin for Darunia.

As well as being a Zelda fan, I am also a Bayonetta fan and I don’t know about you, but I need a new trailer asap and as many details as Nintendo are able to share.

WarioWare Gold is coming, but I for one, would love a new WarioWare or Wario’s Game & Switch to be revealed as it is the party game we deserved, as opposed to 1-2-Switch.

Also, after being heavily rumoured and revealed around the same time Bandai Namco was “revealed” to be working on Smash, it’s about time we got something on Ridge Racer 8, since a Summer release is supposedly planned.

Talking about Smash, between a port and a new game, we’ll always pick a new game and Smash as a series and on Switch is one that deserves more.

Having both been revealed for Switch last year, it is high time Nintendo break the silence on Fire Emblem & Yoshi and give us the information we deserve!

One final thing about games is that as much as I would love to see Super Mario Maker on Switch port, I’d rather see a sequel or a port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions announced, but I feel a port of the New Super Mario Bros. U game is more likely, so as to give players a 2D Mario fix this year as well.

As for amiibos, I would like to see a Linkle amiibo (I always thought it was a shame she didn’t get an amiibo during the release of Legends and with the D.E. now out, now is as good a time as any), Octoling amiibos in girl, boy and octo form (If we can have Inkling amiibo, why not Octoling?) and new Smash amiibos in either figurine or card form (Having proven to be a huge hit before, it can do so again.)



Want/Expect: Startropics, Banjo and Kazooie in Smash, Rare Replay Switch.

I would love to see revive the Startropics franchise. Retro could handle it, and it could use BotW’s engine and represent nintendo’s take on uncharted/tomb raider. Your archaeologist uncle sends word for your help, and he disappears..leaving you to explore the local island”s history and hidden locations and ruins? It’s already right there! Considering Mike Jones aged in between the first and second games, he could be a recent college grad going to assist his Uncle.

Also, I want to see Microsoft announce with Nintendo that banjo and Kazooie are coming to smash, and rare replay is coming to switch.


These are what just a few members of a team expect to see announced during this year’s E3, but check it constantly as we plan to update this post with even more opinions and you can post your own list in the comments.


Let’s enjoy this E3 and for anything Nintendo you can find here!

By Renanp2

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