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*UPDATE (12/05/18):

When news of a shocking Splatoon reveal would take place on June 9, it was assumed the news come from Weekly Shonen Jump. Nintendo Spain soon commented hours later to Nintenderos that the whole Splatoon tease from Shonen Jump was a baseless rumour. Well, just because Shonen Jump didn’t say it, it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

You see, it’s actually CoroCoro magazine which this news steams from, and it’s been revealed more has been said then just “news is coming next month.” We now know that the news will concern Splatoon 2 and here is an English translation, of what has been revealed:

“On June 9th, Splatoon 2’s biggest mystery will be revealed! The one clue we have is this mysterious emblem. This mysterious emblem establishes the surfacing of a top secret Splatoon 2 project! Check out our site and twitter on the 9th to find out what it is!”

Original article:

Whether you’re living in the Mariana Trench, aboard a submarine, or lost in the great unknown due to travelling through a Black Hole, there is no way you have missed today’s news. Nintendo will shock the worldmere days E3, on June 9, 2018, with something Splatoon related. And please note “Splatoon” is the key word to focus on as there are media outlets who have all reported on this story, on the assumption that it’s Splatoon 2 and Nintendo Switch related.

Sure, whatever the surprise reveal could be about something regarding the Switch title, but that is simply one of the few things it could concern. It could easily not be a game and the news relates more to the series in general, so to avoid doing another news article, based on an assumption, we’re doing something slightly different. We’re going to do an analysis article based on the facts we were given and discuss the possibilities as to what this shocking news is and we’re hoping you guess will join us!


Now, because the exact wording is “shock the world,” before we list the things we consider could be revealed, first we’re going to rule out what we don’t think will be revealed, due to the fact that their reveal won’t shock the world. Let’s begin:


New Splatoon Manga:

Given the overwhelming success the Splatoon series has gone on to attain (close to 11 million copies sold on both Splatoon games combined and more than half a billion US dollars made in the process,) it stands to reason a manga would be a great way to follow up on the series, except mangas of Splatoon exist already thanks to CoroCoro. Thus, revealing a new manga would not shock the world, even if it was a manga that launched worldwide, on the day of the reveal.



New Splatoon Tournament:

When it comes to Tournaments and Splatoon, the two are no strangers. From Sapltfests, European Championships, the Splatoon 2 World Championship that will be at E3 this year, a couple of days after the reveal will go down and Splatoon Koshien, yet another tournament being announced would make no sense whatsoever. I’m not saying they can’t, but it’s not something that would shock the world now, is it?


Splatoon 3 Reveal:

Given just how successfully the Splatoon series is and the fact that the first game in 2015, with a sequel out on 2017, there’s no reason why a new Splatoon game couldn’t release in 2019, but why rush? Version 3.0 only came to Splatoon 2 last month and the Octo Expansion is on its way, along with the usual free content, which is expected to continue for another couple of months at least. Also, Splatoon 2 has proven to be more popular than its predecessor, so why cut it short so soon, when 2018 still has a lot to offer, with the possibility of 2019 being content packed as well? Still, revealing a new game a couple of days before E3 would make sense, if the reveal was directed at Japan first, since E3 is more for gamers in the West, as opposed to the East and with Splatoon being such a hit in Japan, it would be a justifiable reveal, with new details being supplied at E3.


Release Date for Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion DLC:

Continuing on the subject of content, as nice as it would be to know when exactly the DLC will drop, it wouldn’t be world shocking now, would it? Maybe if we didn’t know about it already and this upcoming reveal concerned it and its impending release, it would be a fantastic surprise. But a release date being the reveal? No chance.


More Concerts, Soundtracks and amiibo:

Whether it’s Off the Hook or the Squid Sisters, we love them dearly and almost as much as we love the soundtracks for the games, but a new concert, soundtrack or even an amiibo being revealed, would not send us all into a frenzy. It’s also not the kind of thing Nintendo have hyped up before either, so we doubt they would start now.

And now that we’ve got those out of the way, it is time to talk about what could shock the world, including one in particular that will shock the world for the wrong reasons:


Splatoon Spin-off Game for the Nintendo 3DS or Mobile Devices:

While we very much doubt the reveal of the third Splatoon game, we can not deny the possibility of a spin-off game. We have seen Chinese rip-offs of Splatoon for mobile devices that do play surprisingly well, so a working official Splatoon game is a possibility, but who’s to say we can’t get a Squid Sisters game for 3DS where you must act as their manager and get them concerts. It’s not the best idea in the world and we very much doubt that a port of Splatoon 1 or 2 is coming to the 3DS, but there are many possibilities as to what a spin-off could entail and further add to the series’ popularity. Whatever the case though, as long as it is a game that isn’t announced for Switch, we’re all going to be talking about it, with some venting their frustration.


An anime Splatoon Series/Film:

Talking of making the series more popular, with a manga in place already, why not an anime of the series or even a film? We all know Nintendo is moving into the movie business and have a Mario movie on the way, so why not a Splatoon anime or film, intended for a global release? Even if it is the expected next step for the Splatoon series, it would most definitely get us all talking, as our tongues wag with excitement.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Inking Character Trailer

To save the best for last, we all know the Inklings are going to be in Smash, but we have no idea what their move-sets will be like? So, with E3 on the horizon and a Super Smash Bros. tournament revealed, why not release a trailer dedicated to Inklings fighting one another of varying colours on a Splatoon related stage? By keeping it all strictly Splatoon focused, we’ll still be in the dark as to whether it is a new game or a port, but we will see plenty to lose our minds over and honestly, this is precisely the thing we’re hoping this world shocking reveal will be! 

 Naturally, we could easily be wrong and what gets revealed could be something else entirely, but that’s all part of the fun! But right now, only 3 things seem the most likely and we’ve only got to wait less than 4 weeks to find out the truth! Should you feel we have left something out though, like a new toy range or sweet range, which we have seen the likes of already, feel free to leave a comment so we can read it later.



Until next time, Keep on gaming!

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