Looking for some sweet Kickstarter campaigns for titles that are making their way to Nintendo Switch? Well, look no further than my semi-weekly Miketendo64 Kickstarter feature!

This week’s spotlight is on the title Renaine. What exactly is Renaine? Well, take a platforming game and add some ever-changing challenges, a ton of groovy music, and immaculate art. The developers set out to create the perfect platformer that includes all of the above! Having played the free demo available, I can definitely say they’ve accomplished their mission.

So what’s the story behind Renaine?

Aine, the Phoenix Knight, is blessed with the ability to revive endlessly, but cursed with the impossible task of defeating the dreaded Dragon to avenge her fallen friend, Ren. The quest to the legendary Dragon’s Lair will bring Aine all across the colorful kingdom of Lineria as she tries, and tries again through evolving levels that test her ability to learn from her mistakes. Are you up to the challenge?

A cool feature from this game would have to be the art style. If you’re looking for a game with beautiful and unique graphics, then don’t miss out on this title when it arrives later this year. Other features include, Level-Layouts that change every time you die, quests, a cast of 5 different characters, character abilities, & gameplay for speed runners & completionists alike!

As of this post, Renaine has reached their funding goal of $5,000 with a total of $22,307. The campaign has ended, but you can find a free demo available on their Kickstarter page. The game is expected to release later this year with a Switch stretch goal that has been reached.

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Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/585676804/renaine-a-game-about-overcoming-failure/description

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