Gal*Gun 2 Review

Developer: Inti Creates

Publisher: PQube Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Category: Action, Arcade, Adventure & First Person

Release Date: 15th of March, 2018 (JP,) 13th of April, 2018 (EU) & 24th of April, 2018 (NA)




*Due to the Mature nature of Gal*Gun 2, reader discretion is advised.


“A little bit of Risu in the sun, a little bit of Chiru all night long, a little bit of Nanako here I am, a little bit of you makes me your man.”


Despite what its title might have you believe, Gal*Gun 2 is actually the fourth game in the Gal*Gun series that’s developed by Inti Creates and if you have never heard a thing about the series before, you’re about to! The year was 2011 and Alchemist had published the rail shooter called Gal*Gun and in no time at all, Gal*Gun quickly came something of a hit with Japanese audiences. But Gal*Gun would not remain solely in the East, because while 2015 saw the Eastern release of Gal*Gun sequel Double Peace, Double Peace would see a localised release for the West in 2016 and things would never be the same again.


The whole world now had the option to play a game that throws them into the shoes of a male student (Houdai Kudoki,) who just so happens to be the most alluring guy on earth. Not because he’s attractive or anything, but because an Angel called Ekoro, shoots him with a Love Arrow, consisting of a dosage thirty-two times the intended amount, every girl at Houdai’s school want a piece of him. But the problem is, he can’t be with any of them, for they are not his true and unless he finds his True Love girlfriend, he will spend the rest of his life alone. (Talk about a total bummer.)


On the upside, he does get to rekindle his friendship with the demon hunting siblings Shinobu and Maya and they are worth mentioning as they are two returning characters in Gal*Gun 2. As for the third instalment in the series, Gal*Gun VR was released worldwide in 2017 and despite less than a year earlier than Gal*Gun 2, the VR and Gal*Gun 2 games are actually very similar. Not only do they share exactly the same anime style graphics, girls and locations, but even a few of the modes and features are exactly the same in both! You may not be able to take pictures of your favourite girls, but you can still arm yourself with the Demon Sweeper, bring them that dose of euphoria they deserve. (Okay, maybe they don’t actually need it, but it does stop them from smacking you with love letters and kissing you to death!)


Talking of Gal*Gun 2, I suppose it is time to actually talk about it! Just like the games that came before it, it is another rail shooter, except this time around, things are done a little differently. There are still Angles and Demons present as the mischievous Kurona from Double Peace is back, but this time around, the school’s seemingly sole male student, is paired up with the Elite Angel Risu. Except, just because Risu is on the side of the divine, she’s not much help as she still has a lot to learn and there is a law in effect that forbids Angels and Demons from fighting.


Risu is also in a spot of bother, which is there the protagonist Nii-sama (at least, that’s what Chiru calls him,) comes into play. Nii-sama is the lucky winner selected by AR Co. (Angel Ring Company,) a company of Angels dedicated to fighting Demons, to help in their war efforts. So, because a warrior needs a weapon to carry into battle, Nii-sama is equipped with the Demon Sweeper, first seen in Gal*Gun VR and the Pheromone Goggles. In keeping with previous games, the Demon Sweeper is a pheromone shooting device (A to fire) that can give girls euphoria, when shot by it. (Aiming the sight over girls body, can cause words to appear, revealing their weak points. You’ll want to make finding and shooting these points immediately, as they result in Ecstasy Shots.) Then of course there’s the Pheromone Goggles, the means that allows you to see Demons and mini-Demons. They also render you utterly irresistible to every member of the female sex, except for Shinobu, Maya, Risu and Naneko, who are completely unaffected.


Focusing on gameplay, during levels, when every girl in a given area has been brought to their knees, you will be allowed to move to the next stage, by shooting the blue silhouette of your body and if you see a green one, shooting it will end the level. Sometimes however, you will be given multiple choice as to where to go and can even uncover a secret invisible point of play. Should the next area see you hiding inside a locker or behind a pillar, you will want to change your stance, so that you can peek around any given obstacle. To do this, move the right analog stick up, down and use the L and R buttons, to peek left and right.


When in the thick of it, girls can come out at you from all directions, and while you will be warned to look left, right, or even in front of you, not every girl will immediately rush towards you. Some will stand at a distance and shout at you, causing Japanese characters to fly towards you end your combo, should they hit you. So, naturally it goes without saying that you’ll want to put an end to these shout attacks, by shooting the red character as it will destroy all the others. Or better yet, take out the girl before her words can even reach you and if she’s too far away, X will let you zoom in twice and Y will let you zoom out.


You can zoom in on other things as well, but don’t get too distracted. Just because some girls won’t attack you, but shove you to the floor, you will want to push them back by shooting them repeatedly, because if they bring you euphoria, you’re going to have to you have failed in your mission and you’ll be required to try again. But just when you thought love-struck girls was all you needed to concern yourself with, there’s demons and the mini-demons that will possess some girls, actually prevent them from being susceptible to the pheromone shot. So, to counter this, you will need to shoot the mini-demons first, take the girl, or teacher out of the equation and then suck up the mini-demons with your Demon Sweeper, by holding ZR. Although the gun recharges naturally, it will not fire if its energy level is beneath 20%.

Sucking up Demons is something you’re going to be doing a lot of in Gal*Gun 2 and when the Demon Sweeper is upgraded, it will actually possess the ability to suck girls and female teacher’s clothes right off, revealing the underwear they have on underneath. But, don’t take the scenery in for too long, as girls can surround you and when that happens you have no choice but to pull off a Lovestrike. To do this, you will need to lock eyes with a girl, who is very close to you and zoom in on their face. When you’re doing it right, a heart will appear and fill the longer you look at them and once it’s filled, the entire body of girls within range, will become weak points, letting any and all shots grant them euphoria.


As for the reason why you have to do all of this, is because you’ve got to help reach a Demon Busting Quota and the failure to do so, will see you unable to take the Goggles off and return to your normal life. So, in just 20 days, the player is tasked with undergoing various Main, Side and Free mission to rack up as many Demon Buster Points as possible. These points will also let you access further missions and get lots of gifts that can be used to feed to girls as snacks, or decorate his room. As far as the decorations go, you can get a shield to hang on your wall, posters of various Inti Creates titles, including Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal*Gun, but there’s also pillows and a globe and statues.


With regards to the snacks, they are used for making girls like you. In addition to the two main girls who are both dear to Nii-sama (Nanako who is his childhood friend/class-mate and Chiru, who is the shut-in gamer, girl-next-door,) whom you can feed to prompt certain conversations and side missions, you can also feed snacks to the many female students and teachers during rendezvous. Once the heart gauge is full, you can even invite them round to your house, change their pose and their outfit. (To be fair, you can do those things anywhere you meet them, regardless of them liking you. The best visitor to your room though, is Chiru, who will come over for a massage, moan at you for making it dirty, but secretly enjoy it.)


Something else you can do during the rendezvous sessions is Fantasize, but we’ll get to that a little later. As for where you can do rendezvous’, they can be arranged when at Nii-sama’s home, after the day is done, or at school. During your school hours, you can also do 2 missions before returning home and you will never have to settle with doing a mission and one rendezvous as you can actually do as many of them as you want, in-between or after missions, without getting in the way of them. Naturally though, in order to rendezvous, you will be required to have a phone number for any first year, second year, third year and “other” character, which can be acquired by completing Free Missions. (Free missions are also replayable, so should there be one you really like and can earn a lot of points from you can repeat it, provided you’ve already beaten it once.)

As well as winning phone numbers, completing missions can also see you earn upgrade parts for your demon busting weaponry and snacks. There is also more than one type of mission as there are the usual shooting ones that just want you to suck up every demon. Then there are Boss Battle missions against an all-powerful female demon. There are Defense missions where you are required to protect groups of girls from a relentless attack from mini-demons and failure to save them, will result in having to replay the level. Next up, Search missions. I found these to be tedious at first, as it could take forever moving from place to place, looking for a specified item, whilst trying to avoid another attack, but they soon grew on me. The best” mission type however, are the ones involving Doki Doki mode. (Spoiler alert, you will get to do Doki Doki mode with both Shinobu and Maya, as well as have a number of engagements with them that sees you needing to save them. Whilst proving your worth as a demon hunter.)


Having been absent in Gal*Gun VR, Doki Doki mode is back and it’s just as perverted as ever. When available as part of a mission, you are must use your power of love and Popul-aura to bring Demon infested girls back to the side of light and exorcize them, but the rest of the time, you can encounter it whenever choosing Fantasize during your rendezvous sessions. Only, unlike the fantasize sessions, the Doki Doki mode missions actually allow you to score a huge amount of points, should you possess the skill to bring out the mini-demons lurking inside your intended target. Should you find yourself, discovering their hiding spots pretty quickly, (which just so happen to have something of a huge giveaway, due to the rings they emit,) you can enter a Special Time. Rare mini-demons will appear during these special encounter and upon completing it, the girl you’re currently trying to free from evil, will suddenly find herself wearing nothing but their skimpy underwear.


Now, despite the pervy tones, Gal*Gun 2 is a really interesting game, with plenty of story to it, but due to the embargo rules we were given, there is a lot we can’t say about it, but the more you play, the more addictive and alluring you will find Gal*Gun 2 and the fact it supports gyro aiming, motion controls, including tilt, for aiming and HD Rumble, just goes to that Inti Creates did want Gal*Gun 2 to be a game that tries to make the most of Switch. Admittedly there is no touch-screen support, or Video Capture, but it’s probably a good thing the latter isn’t supported, because otherwise, a whole lot of videos that are all kinds of wrong, will be able to hit the likes of Twitter and flood our individual feeds.


Gal*Gun 2 does however play really well as both a handheld and docked title (for those of you who are brave enough to have it on a TV, when others are present,) and the J-Pop soundtrack, is nowhere near as infuriating as it could have been. (Although that could just be down to all my hours of playing Splatoon 2.) But, Gal*Gun 2 is actually a pretty impressive and well-put together piece of work, even if it is just a series of silly naughtiness. But for the players who do stick around to the very end of the game, there is a New Game+ available that allows you to carry over every item you’ve collected, phone number and Demon Busting Points, but you will have to play through all the Main and Side missions again. Should that not be enough though, there’s also a pretty fun Score Attack mode that sees you attempting to score as high a score as you can, on any given level!



Going into Gal*Gun 2, I was expecting your typical “weird as hell” Japanese game that just so happens to double as a game, intended to be the imaginings of many a young land, but instead, I found something more. Gal*Gun 2 is a bizarre, yet thoroughly enjoyable shooter, with a story far richer than it needed to have and plenty of treasures to decorate your room. It also pays homage to other Inti Creates titles and greatly expands upon what the Gal*Gun series once was. I’m not justifying all the scantily clad love-smitten teens, and skirt blowing antics, but Gal*Gun 2 is a shooter that replaces blood with skin and even though it’s not done in a tastefully done manner, it is still very much so in keeping with an anime, as opposed to a hentai. So yes, there is moderation at play and with plenty to do, Gal*Gun 2 does have what it takes to be your next addiction/must-play title!





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