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Nyko Switch Docks

If you value your Switch and own a third party dock, like one of the Nykp Switch Docks, you need to stop and read this. If you have yet to update to firmware version 5.0.0, don’t!

Since the update has rolled out, reports are coming in that any Switch unit running on the latest version, are being bricked when placed in a third party dock, like those by NykoThe manufacturer Nyko Tecnhlogies are aware of the issue and are currently to make amends with those affected, but the issue still remains.

So, if you’re thinking of docking your Switch, be prepared to say goodbye to all your save data, because you’re Switch will not turn on. Below you can see a number of tweets and a video concerning the issue, but in all seriousness, unless you do not own an official dock, then do not update your unit Switch (if you haven’t already,) until either the issue is addressed, or you get an official dock, because it’s really not worth it otherwise.

Source: Spawn Wave (YouTube) via Nintendo Everything

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