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As promised, Japanese variety show had a trailer to show off for the upcoming Lugia Pokémon Movie and with it has come some new details, which is what we’re going to hit you with first!

The film is called “Pokémon: Everyone’s Story,” will involve Lugia and a whole bunch of new characters:

  • New girl called Lisa, whose partner is an Eevee.
  • A performer by the name of Kagachi, whose partner is a Sudowoodo.
  • A feeble researcher named Torito, whose partner is a Chansey.
  • An elderly trainer named Hisui, who has a Togepi, Totodile, Smoochum & Marill
  • New mysterious girl called Rarugo.


An unofficial upload of the new trailer can be seen here:

Source: Serebii & @pkjd818 (Twitter)

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