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Let’s go Mario!

Pointed out by Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo. Co., Ltd. have filed 3 new trademarks, with all 3 of them being Mario Kart Tour focused and are for the purposes related to “electronic game program, renting of vehicles, providing electronic publications online and provision of amusement parks.” Now, we’re not sure why amusement parks are even mentioned here, but it has us excited since Mario Kart Tour would make for a good name for a Mario Kart theme ride as part of Super Nintendo World and the fact it could have a tie-in, would make a lot of sense, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Mario Kart Tour in the coming weeks.

It does however need to be mentioned that the 3 filings that are for Mario Kart Tour, do not actually differ in any way, except for the name, as it seems Nintendo wants to make sure they own the name rights to any styling they choose to refer to Mario Kart Tour as and those names are “MARIOKART TOUR,” “マリカーツアー and “MK TOUR.”


Below we have an image of the MARIOKART TOUR application, for anyone who wants to see it:



Source: Japanese Nintendo (tumblr)

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