[Patch Notes] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Version 1.2.0 for Android & iOS

After having become available yesterday, a new update is out now for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and it is a big one! From dressing up your animal friends, to making friends by sending tunes, there’s a lot going on, so here are the complete patch notes for you to look through:


What’s in Store for the 1.2.0 Update:


Changing Animal Outfits:

  • You can now change the outfits of visiting animals! To get started, just talk to one of the animals at your campsite.
    • You can only change an animal’s outfit once he or she has reached a certain Friendship Level.
    • Some clothing items may not be available to use with all animals.



  • You can now place multiple rugs in your campsite at once!

Brake Tapper:

  • You can now play the Brake Tapper game at OK Motors! Line up the pictures correctly to earn caps, which you can then exchange for in-game prizes.


Send a Tune:

  • There’s a fun new way to add nearby players as friends! You can now use your smart device to send a tune to another player. When the other player receives the tune and accepts your friend request, the two of you will become in-game friends!
    • To try it, tap More, Friends, Add Friend, and then Send a Tune.
    • A compatible smart device is required.
    • Both players must be in the same physical location with their devices to use this feature.


Help with Shovelstrike Quarry:

  • You can now ask multiple friends for help at once in Shovelstrike Quarry.
  • You can ask up to 10 friends for help at once.


Text Updates:

  • We have updated some of the game’s text.

Source: support.ac-pocketcamp.com



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