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Welcome back to yet another Miketendo64’s Ammo Knights Newsletter, our weekly helping of dedicated coverage of upcoming weaponry and specials for Splatoon 2, and whatever Splatoon 2 news that happens to fall into our hands.

In a double dose of news, in addition to the usual new weapon releasing soon spill we get every week, Walleye Warehouse will also be showing its face. The following information concerning both the newly added stage and new weapon can be found here and comes straight from the tumblr side of the Squid Research Lab:


Tonight, the Slosher Deco will be available! Some may say that it’s “Deco-ed” out with an exclusive sticker. Rounding out the kit is a Sprinkler sub weapon and Baller special. As you can tell, this is a kit for Inklings who have the need to ink everything! Also, fan-favorite stage Walleye Warehouse will make its big return. If you’re unfamiliar with this stage, shipping containers and a chaotic central area are the name of the game here. But don’t forget to mind the side passages: they can be easily overlooked when you’re dodging fire!


Both the stage and weapon will be available from the following dates and times:


18:00 PT (December 14th)

21:00 ET (December 14th)

02:00 BST/UTC (December 15th)

03:00 CEST/UTC+1 (December 15th)

10:00 JST (December 15th)



Until next time, Stay Fresh!

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