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I hope you’re ready for some Detective Pikachu news that doesn’t concern the movie, because we’ve got some!


The European rating board for video games (PEGI,) has issued a rating for Detective Pikachu, (known as Great Detective Pikachu in the West,) which means after having released last year on 3DS in Japan, the likes of Europe could be getting the Pikachu Pokémon game after all! (Don’t worry North America, you’ll probably get it too, it just hasn’t been revealed yet.)


The release will most likely not be this year, as it is December after all, but it could be out next year, released as a before piece to excite potential viewers for the Detective Pikachu movie, which starts filming next year. As for the plot of Detective Pikachu, it tells the story of Tim Goodman, who after the disappearance of his father, teams up with his father’s Pikachu, to solve his father’s disappearance. While they’re doing that though, they also take the time to solve 3 other cases as well. The events of Detective Pikachu takes place in Rhyme City and for the Japanese version of the game, ends with a “To be Continued,” so unless the Western release comes as the full game with a second part available, it looks like we might have to wait a year or two for a possible sequel.



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