Monster Hunter Stories Review

Monster Hunter Stories is a nice detour for a property that has spent its long life treading the same excellent ground with varying and usually high degrees of success. With its looks and monster-collecting ways, it is bound to attract a younger audience right into the grasp of its claws; some of the holes of its battle system, though, will leave plenty of room for frustration to sneak into the experience. If gamers are able to overcome that problem, however, what they will find is an enchanting world filled with content, featuring an adventure that can easily last for over thirty hours, hordes of sidequests, and the opportunity to take one’s scientifically assembled team of monsters online to face off against other riders. Monster Hunter Stories is not a total winner, but its quality could pave the way for improvements that may end up turning it into quite a gem, even if the core of its gameplay is derivative of both the line of games from which it originates and the unstoppable Pokemon franchise.


By mixing and matching elements of Monster Hunter and Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories offers a charming, albeit flawed, look into a universe that is often portrayed as rough and gritty

monster_hunter_stories1If the evolution of this planet’s species had taken a slightly more awesome and brutal path than it did and the activity of monster hunting actually existed, it is safe to assume Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise would be a pretty accurate virtual representation of it. There is nothing easy or streamlined about the depicted journey of going from a defenseless hunter to a master at bringing down fearsome creatures that are aggressive enough to give easily impressed children terrible nightmares: combats last for nearly one hour, not being properly equipped leads to merciless death, the remote nature of the hunting grounds forces hunters to pack items to help them deal with the hardships of the environment and maintain their energy…

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