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Welcome back to Miketendo64’s Ammo Knights Newsletter, our weekly helping of dedicated coverage of upcoming weaponry and specials for Splatoon 2.

With today of course being Friday, we have intercepted a report from the tumblr side of the Squid Research Lab and you can read the details of the report right here, along with a list of dates and times as to when the weapon will become available:

Greetings, everyone! Today’s weapon report is very dynamic because it’s about a Dynamo. Err, does that make it Dynamo-ic? We’ll work on that phrasing, but more important is that the Gold Dynamo Roller will be available starting tonight!


It’s functionally the same as the Dynamo Roller (except it looks more expensive). This means that you’ll still have a weighty roller that’s designed for high strength and long range. However, this kit also comes with the Splat Bomb sub weapon and the Ink Armor special – making it much easier to fight near the front lines of battle.

19:00 PT (October 20th)

22:00 ET (October 20th)

03:00 BST/UTC (October 21st)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (October 21st)

11:00 JST (October 21st)


Until next time, Stay Fresh!


Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)

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