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Developer: Harmonious Games

Publisher: Harmonious Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Platformer, Puzzles, Party & Communication

Release Date: 18th of October, 2017 (EU & NA)



Putty Pals is a platformer with unique mechanics. You can bounce, merge and perform multiple other nifty tricks with a colourful and fun art style. Will you join the adventure with your putty friend?



In terms of story Putty Pals is very lacklustre having basically no backstory or anything. This was a slight disappointment but normally in platformers, it’s all about the gameplay. I would have liked a developed story or at least at the start of the game it should tell you who these putty pals are and what their purpose is.



The music in Putty pals is really catchy and suits the fun aspect of the game. The bright art style and the upbeat music go hand in hand with each other. The audio and sound effects are superb and fit the animation perfectly. The sound effects when jumping and respawning are spot on and the ambience feels perfect. Each world has a unique sound =track that plays over the level so it’s never the same one repeating over and over again.



The visuals are a huge selling point for this game as it is heavily targeted towards younger people. This isn’t to say it’s not a game for everyone but the art style and co-op aspects make it a purchase fit for a family game. The bright art style and simple chapter designs make it easy to play and get to grips with. The visuals show off stunning volcanoes and freezing ice caves with falling icicles. The designs are simple with lots of primary colours for areas which is why it appeals to younger people.



The gameplay is where the game scores all its points. The co-op centred levels make for enjoyable moments with friends and family moreover you have to work together to complete them. The downside to the levels is that they are annoyingly difficult without someone by your side and are very frustrating. The reason why they are so frustrating is that your mind forgets which putty you are controlling. This then turns into some impromptu deaths and just general annoyance. However, when you play with someone this problem goes away as you can team up and tackle challenges together. The challenges consist of precise bounces and swinging from putty. The putty swings are what I found so satisfying about the game because you feel the HD rumble go from left to right in your hands. As for HD rumble, is superb and is used frequently and takes full advantage of the Switch’s hardware.


The game spans across 28 unique levels with an added 25 mini bonus levels. The game lets you play all these by completing the time trials at a fast time. If you want a shot at that you will need to communicate with your friend so you can time moves right. Communication is key if you want to succeed in later levels as the game combines multiple combinations of inputs at once. For example, you will have to jump with one putty than the other whilst pressing ZL to bounce the player higher. I enjoyed these challenges and like they added some hard gameplay for more advanced players. The controls are perfect and your inputs feel really smooth. This is great for a platformer as I feel like it’s a quality all platformers should have. The game is easier if you play with someone and a lot more challenging if you play alone. This couldn’t have helped however as the sole premise of the game is to have 2 simultaneous players. It is really a bonus that you have the option to play alone.


The game has some demanding puzzles which take a while for you to figure them out. This is all fun and I never felt frustrated at all when getting challenged by a puzzle, well I did when I realised how easy it was to solve. Apart from the complicated yet simple puzzles you also have a fun overworld with volcanoes and other monstrosities. This is how you navigate from level to level which is wonderfully designed and implemented. If you die you will appear back at the last checkpoint you ran through. This is useful if you make any mistakes as checkpoints are really close to each other so you aren’t repeating sections over and over again if you die. This is perfectly setup like this so its accessible to less experienced players.



Set at £7.50 ($9.99), the price is perfect for what you get. It is definitely a co-op game first and a single player game second so you will have to take that into consideration. With over 50 levels to play through, you will be getting your money’s worth.




Putty Pals is a great co-op platformer with unique elements to it. The way you move with the HD rumble is implemented perfectly. Overall I would recommend this game to any of fan of platformers or anyone who has younger children.






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