Splatoon 2: Third North American/Oceania and Japanese Splatfests End with Startling Results

With the third Splatfest for Europe having ended last week in Pearl’s favour, the North American/Oceania (Australia & New Zealand) and Japan have also drawn to a close and the results couldn’t be any more different.

For Japan where the battle between Endurance and Agility took place, although Pearl’s Power was more popular, it seems all that strength was for naught as in the end, Team Endurance was able to stick it out in both Team and Solo matches, thus claiming a 2-1 win in Marina’s and yet on the other side of the globe, Pearl’s fans have proven themselves to be the best once again.

While I myself favour a Werewolf over a Vampire on any day of the week, not only was Team Vampire more popular than Werewolf, but Team Vampire won every available point thanks to dominating the Team and Solo battles as well. Seriously guys, like her or hate her, when it comes to Splatfests, Pearl knows exactly what she’s doing as so far in the 9 official Splatfests that have taken place, she has won 7 of them. (Not bad for a character everyone thought would lose given Marina’s overwhelming popularity.)


Source: Splatoon Wiki


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