Tenta Brella “Inkoming!” (Debuts in Splatoon 2 this Weekend)

Once again, a new weapon has been revealed for Splatoon 2 and this time, it is of course the Tenta Brella. Here is an assortment of photos and information as provided by the Australian branch of the Squid Research Lab:

The Tenta Brella, which can hide your entire body just like a camping tent, has a 2-fold structure with aluminium frames. This enables you to pack this huge-size umbrella compactly with just a single click. The mesh fabric also allows for a good sight while extended, so you can still track the battlefield when behind cover.

According to our research, the new Tenta Brella weapon will be available at the Ammo Knights shop tomorrow, Saturday 30th September at midday AEST.

We received some intel on this new weapon recently. Part of the new Brella class of weapons, its huge size provides perfect cover for up to four Inklings. Although its behaviour is somewhat heavier overall, the Tenta Brella offers a stronger shot power that can splat opponents with just one shot at close range.

It comes with the Squid Beakon sub weapon and the Bubble Blower Special.

For anyone itching to try out the new piece of kit, players in the Americas will be able to go hands on today, whereas players in the likes of Australia, Europe and Japan, will have to wait until tomorrow, so once again, here’s a list of times and dates you can expect to see the weapon go live:


19:00 PT (September 29th)

22:00 ET (September 29th)

03:00 BST/UTC (September 30th)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (September 30th)

11:00 JST (September 30th)

Until next time, Stay Fresh!



Source: nintendo.com.au


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