[Feature] A Look at What is Planned for Fire Emblem Heroes September 2017

As far as the mobile Fire Emblem title is concerned, Fire Emblem Heroes had quite the action-packed month and this one will be no different!


Nintendo has gone ahead and shared the full calendar as both a notification in-game and on the game’s official website and while there is some of the usual stuff, there’s plenty of unexpected events taking part as well. For example, as well in addition to a Tempest Trials entitled Moment of Fate, which kicks off on the 23rd of February, on the 8th of September, there will be a Tempest Trials Mini named To Die on the Battlefield. Then on the 21st there will be Special Maps that have a Fire Emblem Warriors tie-in and while no new Grand Hero Battles seem to occur, there will be two Grand Hero Battle Revivals, concerning Clarisse and Robin, so for those of you who missed them before, another chance is on its way.


Still, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so for a good look at what is on the horizon, why not check out the image below. It will tell you everything you could possibly need to know right now:


 Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile Application)


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