Pikmin Amiibo Review

In his latest review, Kuribo checks out the adorable new Pikmin Amiibo. Is this worth adding to your Amiibo collection? Read more to find out!


It is hard to believe but this is actually the first Amiibo released for a Pikmin game.  True, we had the Super Smash Brothers Olimar which shows the most famous characters from the game but that still wasn’t for the popular Pikmin franchise.  With its unique gameplay, cute characters, charming writing, and (sometimes) overwhelming amount of plant deaths, Pikmin has a unique appeal that some people can’t get enough of.  What is even more cool is that Nintendo has released what I would call a “diorama” Amiibo or a little scene from a game instead of just a single figure.  Is Nintendo breaking new ground here or is this another standard Amiibo that is coming out during a busy summer release schedule?

Pikmin Amiibo Box Front Hey PikminBox – I often praise Nintendo for their fantastic box design and the Pikmin packaging is no different.  It is colorful, vibrant, and appealing to any Pikmin fan…

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