Biff’s Vacation Image Teases new Stage and Fighter for ARMS

The best way to stay in the loop with ARMS, is to pay attention to the official ARMS Twitter account as it is always sharing something and today we’re focusing on a few of its latest tweets.

In said series of tweets, ARMS Announcer Biff, is depicted sitting in what looks like a Parisian café, enjoying a new cup of black coffee, but behind him, is something that looks an awful lot like a stage. It has not been officially confirmed that it is a stage, but according to an English translation of what Biff says (which includes a few words in French,) he is enjoying a Bon holiday and that in “this” arena, there is a new fighter making their goodbyes. Biff also says he’s doing some research and that there might be a bonus on the way as well. 


Also before you write this off as speculation that a new stage is on the way, let’s not forget that just after the 2.1.0 update rolled out for ARMS, it was on Twitter where it was expcliately stated a new fighter would make their debut in the next update, along with new ARMS. Well, when Max Brass arrived, so did his stage and arms, so it is highly likely that the stage we’re seeing in the photo, is the stage we’ll be getting when its distributed fighter makes their ARMS debut. It was also promised when the new fighter was first teased that more news would follow and the recent tweet is the more news, with even more to come.


While this concludes what we know today, as soon as more is shared about this stage and mysterious news, you can expect to read all about the stage and the fighter in a forthcoming article.


Source: @ARMS_Cobutter (Twitter) & @armsfan_eng (Twitter)


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