New Weapon “Inkoming” to Splatoon 2! (Dualie Squelchers Arrive this Weekend)

Just like last week when it was revealed the Inkbrush was coming that weekend, another weapon has been announced for this weekend!


The weapon in question is the “Dualie Squelchers,” which will be available from Sheldon’s shop and comes with the Point Sensor Sub Weapon and Tenta Missiles as its Special.

For those of you wondering why the Dualie Squelchers is familiar, it’s because it’s based on the Dual Squelchers from the first game, except this time around because it’s a Dualie classed weapon, you can of course do the dodge roll with it. As for when the new weapon will become available, dates and times can be seen here:


19:00 PT (July 28th)

22:00 ET (July 28th)

03:00 BST/UTC (July 28th)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (July 29th)

11:00 JST (July 29th)


Source: @SplatoonJP (Twitter)


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