World of Nintendo Figure Announcements at Comic-Con

Kuribo recaps all of the latest news from San Diego Comic from Jakks Pacific and their World of Nintendo figure line. There is something for every Nintendo fan coming out this year!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, San Diego Comic Con is going on this week and Jakks Pacific generally reserves any new figure announcements for the big conventions.  Well this year is no different and while there isn’t a ton of new stuff from the today’s press conference, there are a few surprises and images to ponder over.  I want to thank both the World of Nintendo Reddit and user TheBlackAdept17 for all of the pictures and info you see in this article.

Mario Kart Power Racers World of Nintendo

Jakks Pacific are no strangers to Mario Kart toys and while this is the third variation on toy racers they’ve done, these certainly look interesting.  The Power Racers look like they will actually race and move on their own which is not something we’ve not seen before from World of Nintendo.  Could we get track to race these on too at some point?  What will the price be?…

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