Lakitu World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

Kuribo finally gets his hands on the new Lakitu figure from World of Nintendo. Is this figure worth owning? Find out in’s latest review!

In a recent article, I hinted at a figure I bought at Nintendo New York and now it is time to unveil the figure and review it!  I have been slowly building a collection of World of Nintendo Mario figures and really enjoy that Jakks Pacific is starting to dive into some of the more obscure characters from the series.  Lakitu may not seem obscure to diehard Mario fans like myself but when you think about getting a figure from a character that has only appeared in about half of the Mario games, you realize that Jakks Pacific is really trying to give fans what they want.  Was this figure worth the wait?  Let’s find out!

Lakitu World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Box FrontLakitu World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Box BackBox – There isn’t anything too exciting to show off with the box since we have seen this design so often but seeing the other releases in this wave is nice and there are…

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