Production of the New 3DS has Also Ceased in Europe

And just like that, our worst fears were imagined.


Well not exactly, but hot on the heels of the production of the NEW 3DS coming to an end in Japan, the same has now been said for Europe, whereas North America is unaffected as they never actually produced the platform as such, due to it arriving late and only being sold as part of limited edition bundles.


This of course does not mean the end of the 3DS line, but going forwards the New Nintendo 3DS XL, New 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL are the platforms we can expect to be continuously pushed and supported. Plus with the removal of the New 3DS now in effect, the newly launched in Japan/launching elsewhere New 2DS XL can have a fighting chance to dominate the market.


Source: GameSpot


3 thoughts on “Production of the New 3DS has Also Ceased in Europe”

  1. I thought they’d stopped in the UK some time ago?

    Been really difficult for my insurance to find one a couple of months ago when it was stolen with my bag in the train.

    I found some in a Smyths Toys store in Llandudno a black and a white one £103 each, so I bought them and have them kept sealed.. they’re like gold dust in the UK 😳


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