[Japan] The Nintendo Switch’s first Media App Launches July 13th for Free!

In the past Niconico teased an app for the Switch and now this week, every in Japan with a Switch will be able to get it and those with a Japanese My Nintendo account.

But what does the application actually do? Well it will allow those who download it to watch online videos from Niconico and since they’ve been doing a lot of Switch and Pokémon stuff in the last month, as long as you’re a fan of either one, a lot of those videos will appeal to you. Plus there’s the whole thing that it is a free application that even those in North America and Europe will be able to get if they have a Japanese My Nintendo account as previously stated. So even though it is launching solely in Japan this week, anyone can get it if they want it. As for how the app was properly announced, well that can be seen right here:

Should you require another incentive to download it though, it might actually be possible to take screenshots when viewing videos whilst using the app, so if there’s an image you desire, you can get it for yourself, but it hasn’t been officially stated or revealed that you can do this yet though, so don’t me to it! But will you be downloading the application this week? Let us know!


Source: @nico_nico_info (Twitter)


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  1. This is cool. I don’t have much interest for this particular app but hopefully it bodes well for the future of other similar apps, like YouTube, Netflix and maybe a browser


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