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If you’ve never won a single item from the Loto in the Festival Plaza of Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon, the next Global Mission is going to pose a bit of a conundrum for you!


 While the full details are not in quite just yet, the next Global Mission has been revealed to kick off on the 25th of July and require players to win the loto, which some could argue is a lot harder than the Global Mission players just had to do? “What global Mission is that?” Why it’s the one that wrapped up today and required players to defend their title of Champion, but don’t worry, it ended in success as players were able to achieve both goals. This of course means 2,000/4,000 FC is available from today onwards, whilst the likes of the Moon Ball and Rare Candy prizes, will be distributed later on down the line this month via Serial Code.

Just as soon as the full details regarding the next Global Mission emerge, we’ll be back with a new article detailing them in full, but until then, go catch ‘em all Trainers.


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