When it comes to Fire Emblem Heroes, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are always seeing to it that there are plenty of reasons to keep players playing and today is no exception!


Introduced to everyone’s favourite/only mobile Fire Emblem application, today was Daily Challenges that are easy enough to do as they only require you to kill a set number of bad guys and win in the Arena two times, but there are also new Special Maps that have been added. Just like before when players got to challenge the various teams of Fire Emblem artist Kozaki Yusuke, this time around we’re fighting the teams used by artist and character designer Yamada Kotaro, who is responsible for the design of Narcian and Lyn for Fire Emblem Heroes.


Defeating his team will not be easy and will be in be quite a struggle for some of you, but if you can pull through and prove yourself the victor on all five maps, for both their playable difficulties, than a lot of Orbs will be yours to claim. But it is a time sensitive mission, so be prepared to bring your A game, or risk saying goodbye to Orbs that could have been used to half finance your next complete summon! (Using 20 Orbs for 5 characters.)


But if all of today’s new content is enough to excite you, then maybe a piece of next’s content will have you jumping over the moon! Why? Well the next Grand Hero has been revealed and it is Berkut of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia fame, which means as long as you can beat him, he will be yours to do as you please. You now have our full permission to freak out!

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile Application) & @FE_Heroes_JP (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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