Earlier this month, Inti Creates blew fans away with the reveal of Shantae and Shovel Knight coming to Blaster Master Zero DLC and while the latter is not available yet, we wanted to know more about his inclusion.

So we reached out to the awesome Yacht Club Games and asked them a couple of questions and now we’re going to share two of their responses. Enjoy:

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Yacht Club on who contacted who about the Cameo: 

“Inti Creates came to us first! We have been keeping in touch with Inti Creates after helping them publish the the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack on a cartridge, and they pitched the idea to us. The director for Blaster Master is apparently a big Shovel Knight fan and he wanted to include Shovel Knight in the game!”


Yacht Club on Inti Creates handling Everything regarding Shovel Knight’s Inclusion:

“Everything that you can see in the trailer is all Inti Creates! We agreed to the cameo, and Inti Creates would send us sprites and updates on the development. Even with the updates we were still blown away when we got a build with Shovel Knight in Blaster Master! The amount of detail and care they put into this cameo is really amazing, and we can’t wait for people to try it out in August!”


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Shovel Knight will become available as DLC for free on August the 3rd and should you need a reminder as to what he is like for both 3DS and Switch version of Blaster Master Zero, we have all his Blaster Master details right here:


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EX Character – Shovel Knight:
Shovel Knight.jpg

Release Date: August 3, 2017

Price: $1.99 (following his free download promotion)

Official Webpage: http://blastermaster-zero.com/en/product/dlc04.html


Shovel Knight joins the underground adventure as a playable character in EX Character Mode! Steel thy shovel and dig your way through the depths of the planet! For shovelry!


Shovel Blade: Wield your shovel and strike enemies up close and personal. Use it to destroy blocks and cracked walls that block your path.


 Shovel Drop: On side view maps, press down while in mid-air to perform a Shovel Drop. When you use this and bounce off of enemies or blocks, you can jump even higher.



During top-down view segments, use your Magic Meter to use various relics.


Fishing Rod: Cast it into a pit, and wait for a bite!


Throwing Anchor: An unstoppable arc of destruction!


Phase Locket: Escape from all harm…briefly.


War Horn: Clear space around you with a powerful blow!


Armor: As you explore the subterranean landscape, you may come across some new gear…


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But while you can’t play as him today, you can of course play as Shantae right now, who is still available fore at the time of writing this, so while you wait, why not play as her for a bit? You will enjoy it!


Source: Yacht Club Games PR

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