Following the reveal of Max Brass coming to ARMS on July 12th we’ve now got some new ARMS news for you!


When the update rolls out, it does so with Max Brass’ 3 favourite ARMS (Nade, Roaster and Kablammer) and a new stage by the name of Sky Arena, as for a couple more details on the weapons and stage, here they are: 

  • Nade (ARMS) – This highly volatile set of ARMS will make quite the impact, but only if you handle them with care.
  • Roaster (ARMS) – Those blue flames mean business! These fiery mitts swap accuracy for increased damage, so watch out if you see one of these headed your way.
  • Kablammer (ARMS) – An all-in-one combo that combines smashing and explosions! They say these ARMS were originally designed for demolishing buildings…
  • Sky Arena (Stage) – What’s a new fighter without a stage? This outdoor fighting arena was built on top of a super skyscraper. If that wasn’t epic enough, it even features giant statues of the champ himself looming over the ring. Try to stay focussed on the fight, yeah? (This is the stage you fight Max Brass on when doing Grand Prix)


As for a couple more details about The Commish, we have those too:

Anyone who’s made it through the ARMS Grand Prix will know that this is the one and only Max Brass, head honcho of the ARMS League and reigning champ! When Max Brass charges up, he can pump up his beefy body to maximum buffness – so much so that he barely feels punches!

That’s not all! When he’s health drops below a certain point, Max’s punches will stay charged up. Hang on a second, doesn’t that sound just like Spring Man?

And if you love everything you’ve heard so far, don’t forget there is plenty more to come as even more fighters and stages will make their way to the game as even more free additional content. But until news of the next fighter comes, do be sure to roll out the red carpet next week when the champ comes knocking!


Until next time, keep on gaming! 


Source: Nintendo Shop News

By Jack Longman

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