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Following the release of a new update for all versions of Has-Been Heroes,


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Version 1.0.3 Change Log:

  • Added information about the heroes to the Heroes menu.
  • Added more spell effects (visual.)
  • Gameplay: Herald of Gales boss melee hits from 6 to 5 and Max Stamina from 18 to 16.
  • Gameplay: Fire now removes freeze on enemies who are immune to fire.
  • Gameplay: Fixed the Charm bug (does not hit heroes when charm ends)
  • Gameplay: Fixed Final Boss wet+wind bottom row issue.
  • Gameplay: Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs.
  • Gameplay: Fixed issues in tutorial helpers.
  • Gameplay: Fixed dialogue text box “shadow copy.”
  • Gameplay: Fixes to the backstab issues.
  • Polished sound design.
  • Polished spell effects.
  • Polished text box wordwrap.
  • Polished endings (incl. final story ending).
  • Switch: Improved controller detection and initialization.
  • PS4: Polished controller button images.


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With the following changes now at play, hopefully Has-Been Heroes is more of a welcoming experience for those who were put off it during their previous play sessions!


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