[North America] Physical Contact: SPEED is Set to Release June 29th via Switch eShop

Looking for a Switch game to pick up that is out this week and isn’t GoNNER? Well you might be in luck.


For the low sum of $4.99, if you live in North America (or just have a NA My Nintendo account that you have cash for), you can add Physical Contact: SPEED to your ever growing list of Switch games tomorrow. But be warned this game by Collavier Corporation has one heck of a weirdly good trailer, which can be seen right here, followed by a quick overview:


It is a game series where two people can play against one device. If you play with your body in close contact, the match will be more fun. Any two partners, including parents, friends, lover, etc, are suitable. Because it is simple and rules that everyone knows, you can start the game immediately on the spot. If you use the handicap function you can match the level of the two people. Because the match-up time is short, I can play anytime and anywhere when I feel like it. Of course there is also a 1P play mode for one’s time.


So will you be picking it up tomorrow? Let us know!


 Source: nintendo.com & Effluent Circus (YouTube)


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