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With so many of us waiting for Nintendo to officially announce the SNES Classic, when the reveal finally come, it wasn’t news of the console that blew us away.


Instead it was news that the Nintendo Mini Classic would give life to an unreleased Star Fox game that never saw the light of day that surprised and delighted us the most. Only we’re not the only ones who were surprised as original game Dev Dylan Cuthbert was also rather taken back by the reveal. Having founded Q-Games, Cuthbert worked on both Star Fox and its sequel, only for Star Fox 2, the times had changed, and the game would no longer cut it. Yet upon learning his baby would finally see a release, he too was overjoyed and had the following statements to share, which were given to Kotaku:


Cuthbert on Why Star Fox 2 Never Previously saw a  Release:

“Our older retro form of 3D just didn’t cut it anymore and Nintendo didn’t want to raise comparisons. I agree that strategically (if not emotionally) it was the correct decision. But now our older retro form of 3D is the new cool kid on the block, it’s perfect timing!”


Cuthbert on What he Would do to Improve Star Fox 2’s Programming:

““It was a pretty cool engine and had a lot of features. I’d expand the scripting engine we had to allow more complex expressions. I did this for the next engine I wrote for Blasto on the PlayStation and expanded the scripting engine heavily in that direction with some great results.””


Cuthbert on His Excitement that Star Fox 2 will see a Release this year:

“I mean, I had completely given up on the chance that it might come out. I spent two years of hard work making it and loved every minute. Finally people get to see all the little cool tweaks and things, all the touches and special ideas we threw in there. This game had so much experimentation at the start and that really shows in some of the encounters you’ll come across.”


Just don’t go expecting the game to run at 60 FPS as it doesn’t. it does however change every time you play it, so even if you successfully play through it, it doesn’t mean you’ll have cleared the game and for anyone who would like to pick up this SNES Classic exclusive, you can do so when the console releases on the 29th of September for Eurpope and North America. (Also comes with the Super Famicom, which releases October 5th in Japan.) Just remember you will need to clear the first level of Star Fox to unlock Star Fox, which isn’t all that difficult, if you’re no stranger to Star Fox games!


Source: Kotaku


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