Snipperclips Review

Snipperclips has clear room for improvement in a few key areas, but the quality and cleverness of its concept are just too big to be denied, and the wonderful multiplayer sessions the game produces make it easy for one to overlook its flaws. As the initial exploration of a brilliant idea, it may not take it as far as it undoubtedly could, but it does a pretty great job at making it materialize in a game that is full of charm and engaging levels. And even though it is not a title that could only have been made for the Nintendo Switch – as its gameplay would be easily portable to other platforms – it succeeds in understanding what the console is about and using its notable features to its own benefit. Snipperclips is a launch title with a Nintendo touch for a Nintendo platform, and it is hard to ask for any more than that.


Snipperclips is a launch title with a Nintendo touch for a Nintendo platform; it is hard to ask for any more than that

snipperclips1Two anthropomorphic popsicle shaped sheets of paper running around simple scenarios that completely fit onto a small screen while trying to solve puzzles by snipping pieces off one another to change their shapes. That right there is the summary of the premise of Snipperclips, one of the Nintendo Switch’s digital launch titles and certainly a piece of software that ranks among the most original and charming efforts to ever hit Nintendo’s library of download-only games. And nothing speaks more for its inherent simplicity and universal appeal than the fact Snipperclips is often mistaken for a first-party title; after all, Nintendo has a lengthy history filled with electronic products that embrace straightforward and somewhat ridiculous concepts that sound way too fun to be ignored, and Snipperclips would seamlessly…

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