Mario + Rabbids Figures Are Likely To Be Unsuccessful

Kuribo tackles Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which is proving to be a controversial release on Nintendo Switch and the figures Ubisoft is making are no different. Find out why and share your opinions on the figures and game!

This is a challenging article to write because I rarely am critical of Nintendo or of a product idea that hasn’t been released.  I much prefer to review something that I can buy and properly evaluate.  However, there is a new product line coming out that has Nintendo figures in it and I think is worth talking about both positively and negatively.  One of the odder Nintendo news stories from E3 has been of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle video game.  Rumored for weeks and while seeming believable, there is also an element that I think a lot of Nintendo fans didn’t want to believe.  The Rabbids used to be pretty fun for me anyway.  I played the first Rabbids game on Wii and really liked it.  I always wanted to play another game in the series and just never got around to it and the review scores slowly…

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