3 Nintendo Games are to Be Streamed During GameSpot’s E3 Streams

Hosting their own stage show at E3 this year is GameSpot and whilst showcasing a plethora of press conferences and games, among those games it has been revealed 3 of them are to be Nintendo titles.

There has been no mention whatsoever as to what games the Nintendo ones are, but since Super Mario Odyssey is the big Nintendo game for this year’s E3, it should most definitely be one of them. Although for those of you who wish to view the stream when the Nintendo games make their appearance, just know each one will appear on a different day and the times they will have their turn in the spotlight is as follows:


June 13th – Unspecified Nintendo Game 1:

13:00 PT

16:00 ET

21:00 BST/UTC

22:00 CEST


June 14th – Unspecified Nintendo Game 2:

11:00 PT

14:00 ET

19:00 BST/UTC

20:00 CEST


June 15th – Unspecified Nintendo Game 3:

13:00 PT

16:00 ET

21:00 BST/UTC

22:00 CEST


Should you miss the streams though, you can always see our coverage of whatever is shown afterwards, here at miketendo64.com!


Source: GameSpot


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