Hollow Knight is Now “Feature Complete” for Nintendo Switch

Hold the phone! It seems like we might not have to wait that long for Hollow Knight after all!


According to a new blog post by devs Team Cherry, the Switch version is now feature complete and will support both Joy-Con Controllers and Pro Controller. Not only that, but while no release date has been shared, the Switch version is being tested and optimized this very moment so it seems the release could happen this Summer and that’s not all.


The Switch version will also get the Free Hidden Dreams dlc, which drops next month for Steam. The dlc will be free day one and consists of the following:

  • 2 New Bosses –Leap into battle with the mightiest of foes! These epic duels will test even the most skilled of players. Each fight grants rewards to the victor, though note: Engaging with these imposing bosses is entirely optional!  Who are these enigmatic, impossible-to-discern figures? We’re not telling! It’s up to you to find out this July!
  • 2 New Music Tracks –Epic battles need epic music and Chris’s been preparing just that, with new stirring boss themes for each encounter! He’s gone all out on these ones!
  • New Upgrade: Dream Gate – Discover a whole new method of traversing Hallownest! Slice through the Veil and travel in an instant from one corner of the kingdom to another.
  • A New Stag Station Uncovered – Hallownest’s stags once travelled the breadth of the kingdom but with the departure of the King, one special station was walled away, hidden from bugs and forgotten by stags, until now!


*Hollow Knight: Hidden Dreams content is accessible at any point in the game, whether starting fresh or scouring for completion and exact release date will be announced later on.

And because that’s not all, here’s the new Hollow Knight: Hidden Dreams trailer Team Cherry has lovingly prepared. Enjoy:

Source: Team Cherry



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