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Ever since Pokémon GO first release last year, there were players who were finding new means of “improving the app” to get the results they required (aka cheating) and even now there are still players out there who continue to cheat the game!


But don’t worry! Niantic aren’t afraid to do battle with these cheaters as they have found a new way to make them suffer and that is via a shadowban that stops them from encountering any and all Rare Pokémon, but still lets them encounter common Pokémon. Interestingly enough though, shadowbanned players can use the Pokémon GO Plus device to still encounter Rare Pokémon that the app is now hiding from them.



The only way to get the ban, just in case it isn’t obviously, is to cheat Pokémon GO, in some way, such as spoofing your location and using apps to help find Pokémon normally denied to you, but the problem with this, is that will cheaters are being punished for this, there are players out there who are also getting banned, who claim they haven’t cheated whatsoever and yet have still been hit with a ban and if you’re wondering what it looks like, check out the image below:


Should you find yourself affected by the ban, feel free to click here to see the ongoing list of Pokémon banned players can and can’t see and if any of our readers are affected and didn’t cheat, I’m sorry but it happens. I myself have had 3 different Pokémon GO accounts and they were all permanently banned, but hopefully these shadowbans are not permanent, but for now the only ones who can say for certain is Niantic and they are not saying anything. Should this change though, we will be sure to provide an update!


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