Home Button is “Disabled” When Playing ARMS with Joy-Con’s Thumbs-up Grip Position

While Switch owners have less than a month to wait before they can own ARMS, they will actually be able to go hands on with it this very weekend thanks to the first ARMS Global Testpunch. But speaking of hands-on, it’s exactly what we want to talk about!

When ARMS is played in the Thumps-up Grip position (see the image above,) so that there are no accidental pressing of the Switch’s HOME button, the button can not actually be used when in matches, lobbies and “other online menus.” So if this was something you were worried about, the problem is no more, in part anyway. Since nothing of the like has been said about the Screen Capture button, there’s a good chance that button will still be activated, so you might find yourself taking more screenshots that you thought you would, so just be ready to delete the ones you don’t need.


And purely because we did mention the ARMS Global Testpunch, Nintendo Everything has pointed out that the description for the demo in the eShop states that all 10 characters can be played, but product information in the eShop has been wrong before demo, so while it could be true all 10 characters are going to be playable, it’s just as likely it’s a minor error and only 7 can be played. Still it’s not like we’ll have to wait for too long before an answer arrives, but as soon as we’ll have one, we’ll be sure to share it with all of you.


Until next time, keep on gaming!


Source: reddit & Nintendo Everything


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