[Update] Just a Few New Changes with the New Pokémon Sun and Moon 1.2 Update

Following a good few hours of maintenance, a surprise update for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is available to download straight from the eShop this very minute!


Other than what the update actually entails, and the fact that the update is required should you wish to continue playing online, there is one thing you do need to know about the update and it is this, any Battle Videos you saved prior to the update, cannot be shared or played, so if you have some videos you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to, then don’t get the update just yet. But if you’re okay with bidding farewell to them, here’s “everything” the new update rectifies:

  • Pokémon being unable to attack and switch when Sky Drop is used and when knocked out by damage done by Spiky Shield.
  • A glitch in Poké Pelago when entering a new month.
  • A rare case where the game ends after using an Evolution item as the last item in your Bag.
  • Scatterbug sometimes not learning Egg Moves.
  • Eggs sometimes being able to be given items.
  • A glitch ending the tournament when pre-registered for an online Friendly Competition (e.g. entry gets cancelled or the Battle Teams get unlocked).


Additionally now that the maintenance is over, players can use the Serial Code waiting for them from the Pokémon Global Link website and use it to get the rest of the prizes for the recent “Harvest Poké Beans!” Global Mission.  Prizes such as a Level Ball and 5 Rare Candies if you harvested a minimum of 30 Poké Beans during the time the mission lasted.


However in order to collect this gift you will need to go online if you haven’t yet, which means if you’re not going to update your game just yet, you’re not going to be able to get the prizes just yet either. So do bear that in mind, but that concludes this morning’s piece of Pokémon related news.


Source: 3ds.pokemon-gl.com


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