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Dark Souls

This is a subject I’ve talked about in the past here at Miketendo64, in the pre-Weekly Wizard days. But it’s something I feel so strongly about I just have to write about it again.

I really, REALLY want Dark Souls on the Switch.

You may remember back when Nintendo first detailed the Switch, they revealed a number of third-party developers working on games for the Nintendo Switch. Among them was FromSoftware, the developer behind the Dark Souls games.

Allow me to say this as simply as possible… I freakin’ love Dark Souls. Despite only having boasting five entries (if you include Demon Souls and BloodBorne, which you totally should), each game is of such high quality that I can safely say it’s one of my top five favorite video game series of all time. It’s up there with Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong (I’m still debating what would take the last spot in the top 5, in case you were wondering).

“Me, when I heard FromSoftware was working on something for the Switch.”

Along with the Portal games, Dark Souls is the modern gaming series that Nintendo fans have had a real misfortune in missing out on. Portal is unlikely to go anywhere, but Dark Souls… that’s another story.

Okay, so Demon Souls and Bloodborne were exclusive to Sony consoles, but the Dark Souls trilogy, on the other hand, has found its way to Xbox consoles and PC. With the news of FromSoftware working on Switch games, why not add the Nintendo Switch to that list?

The Dark Souls trilogy would make for a tremendous “get” on Nintendo’s part, and would be the kind of depth in a third-party release that Nintendo fans sorely want. Plus, having all three Dark Souls games in a single box? C’mon!

Sure, this would be another case of the Switch receiving more years-old games for third-party support, and it’s understandable that gamers are quickly growing weary of that prospect. But there are two key reasons why this is an exceptional case.

Not Dark Souls

The first reason is that Dark Souls could not only reach a new audience on a Nintendo console, but it could also lead to future FromSoftware titles appearing on the Switch. Call me a dreamer, but a Switch-exclusive, Dark Souls-style game (similar to how Bloodborne was a PS4 “Souls-like” game) would be nothing short of incredible. Or maybe FromSoftware could have their hand at one of Nintendo’s beloved franchises (Pikmin Souls!). I would settle for a multiplatform FromSoftware title getting a simultaneous release on the Switch down the road.

The other reason is that it’s Dark Souls. And Dark Souls is freakin’ awesome.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard any more of what FromSoftware is doing on the Switch since that initial announcement. So here’s hoping come E3 (or anytime soon, really) we’ll be seeing the Switch get a little…darker.

Dark Souls


That’s all for this issue of The Weekly Wizard. Hopefully I can get back on schedule with these things… 

Would you like to see Dark Souls come to the Switch? What Nintendo franchise would you like to see FromSoftware tackle? Feel free to let me know in the comments, and for more of my writings on Nintendo, other games, and movies, check out my site WizardDojo.com. Ciao!

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