Is Amiibo Rarity on the Rise?

Could new Amiibo be getting rarer and harder to buy? Kuribo shares some of his observations and what it could mean for Amiibo going forward in his latest article.

I recently wrote an article discussing what I want from Amiibo and one of the things I’d like to see come back is a little more rarity in the releases.  Well I might be getting my wish (for better and worse!) based on the most recent Amiibo releases.  Many people are currently looking for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo which have not been easy to find after their release.  As far as I can gather, there has been almost no restock of the Amiibo by Nintendo which has caused prices to skyrocket on the secondary market (places like Ebay).  The most recent Zelda Amiibo are selling for double their retail price opened and unopened as surprising as that is.  Personally, I went Amiibo hunting on the release date for Breath of the Wild Amiibo and I didn’t find a single Zelda Amiibo at any stores I visited so that…

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