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Year 3 of Miketendo64 is well and truly underway and in keeping with our desires of being more interactive with our readers and fellow users of Social Media sites, we have taken our Let’s Talk About feature series and made it public!


What does this mean? Well instead of Mike Scorpio and I doing the majority of the mouth/finger work, we’re letting you guys do it too! So with that thought in mind, we took to Facebook and had started a discussion in the Facebook group Handheld Gaming Network. Now the discussion may have been short, but the responses are golden and so I don’t delay it any further, this is how we got on with our first Facebook focused Let’s Talk About!


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Jack Longman (EiC of Miketendo64): Hello everyone, my name is Jack Longman and something you may not know about me is that I run a Nintendo news site. That Nintendo news site is Miketendo64 and having just celebrated our 2 year anniversary, we want to spend the next year interacting with Nintendo gamers more, starting with doing discussions with all of you on social media.

One way we intend to do this is via Let’s Talk About. Before Let’s Talk About was a series feature on our site where Mike Scorpio and I do most of the discussing, but now we’re hoping to have you guys join in with us and what better way to have a discussion than on Facebook, so if you feel like have like joining in, it’s most appreciated, just know some of your responses will be shared to my website. You can however request whatever you say not to be shared.

So with this being a group with a sizable Animal Crossing fanbase and Nintendo giving us virtually nothing with regards to details on the mobile game, Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing (The Smartphone Game the Fans Want!)

With your expert Animal Crossing knowledge, how would you like to see the game work? Is there anything in particular you feel the mobile game needs and doesn’t need, but also what kind of model do you want to see Nintendo use for it? A system like the one Super Mario Has, or gacha like Fire Emblem Heroes?

Let the discussion begin!

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Cristiano Campos Araújo: I think something like the idea of Happy Home Designer, as it would be better for mobile since it seems like something you’d do more casually. I’m unsure though because I remember Nintendo said they wouldn’t port any games.


Jennifer Anderson: I loved Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I just wish you could do the same with New Leaf. I think they should add new characters allow everyone to get the Sanrio character because it’s not very fair otherwise.


Liz Footit: I’m not sure what they’re planning for the app, I just hope it’s somehow able to work with or alongside the switch game. But honestly I wish that they would just not make an app and move on to the Switch version. It could be sooooo good. I’d like a bigger world, new terrain, more characters as well as mixed in with HHD.


Victoria Thorley: I agree. I would rather they just go straight to a Switch game. I can just see the mobile game ending up like Miitomo. Fun for a couple weeks and then I got bored of it.


Liz Footit: Yeah I was gonna say that too. I don’t know, it’s possible they’ll just make it like mini games, but who knows? I say Nintendo shouldn’t waste their time.


Jim Clarida: I wouldn’t mind if it were like the New Leaf island mini-games to like earn bells (or buy bells using cash), to purchase furniture to customize animal homes like in HHD. I loved that aspect of designing villager houses- sure it felt like I was getting repetitive, but if they limited the amount to like 100 instead of the 300+ it’d be a perfect mobile game for me. That said, I’ve got the same attitude as Liz and Victoria, I want a Switch version more- was just fantasizing about what it’d be like to take the GameCube version everywhere, so I’ll even take a VC version at this point!!

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Like I said, a short discussion but we did get some great responses, and since the discussion is still ongoing Facebook, more responses such as the ones above could be posted and find themselves added to this article, but while everyone else has had their say, I have not. Now I’m not going to pretend for one second to be an expert on the Animal Crossing games as I have never played a single one and playing an Animal Crossing character one-time in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe does not count, but I do see one way Nintendo could make the mobile title work. (Really?) Yes really and that way is by making an Animal Crossing alternative to Farmville?

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Farmville and its sequel Farmville 2, are both social network farming simulation games that involves a wide range of farm management activities which includes planting, growing, harvesting crops and even raising livestock. As for Animal Crossing, well that’s a series of community simulation video games, which has a lot of the same mechanisms of Farmville, but the games are more about a village than just a simple farm, but by comparison, Farmville is a lot simpler. In fact it may be going bare bones, but it might even be in Nintendo’s best interests to make the mobile version of Animal Crossing fully farm focused. Farming sims are still immensely popular, but things like fishing, bug catching and fossil hunting can still be included, and as for the name, because of the farm factor, it could quite literally be something like Animal Crossing: Farming Frolics.


Plus by being pushed as a game of this calibre, it would then be another free-to-start title that features in-app purchases for the players who wish to get ahead and expand everything faster, but in no way offers them exclusive content such as unlocking alternate characters, as this could be something that a My Nintendo account is used for, as other characters could then be available as rewards, who are steadily released monthly following the game’s initial release.

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But like I said, I’m not an Animal Crossing expert, so I shared the above view with a friend of mine from the Facebook group and this is word for word, what she had to say in response:


Victoria Thorley: My thoughts are yes it could work in one sense, but Nintendo would have to make the game  focus on raising only crops and not include raising animals as that would get confusing, but then it would feel like a watered down Harvest Moon and honestly, I don’t think fans would not be happy with that.

We have been crying out for a proper title for ages. Happy Home Designer and the New Leaf Campground were good enough to tide us over, but the AC community is getting restless. I think for us to be happy with a mobile game, then it’s going to have to be something amazing to keep us happy until a new console game finally comes out.

Something like Happy Home Designer would work well on a mobile phone, or even a simulator game where you run shops where the animals are customers, may work, but I feel the game needs to have a lot of depth to it, to please us.

All of the AC games have a great deal of depth to them and we literally play it every day for years. We aren’t thrilled about a mobile instalment as it is, and if it feels watered down, it will flop badly, or it will be fun a few weeks and then no one will bother it ever again.


Victoria, you are indeed very passionate about Animal Crossing, but you are absolutely correct and because there is nothing more that needs saying, it is time to wrap this sucker wrap!


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This has been our all-new, newly revised instalment of Let’s Talk About. Thank you reading. Thank you for supporting the series and if you wish to join in with the conversation, you can do so below by leaving a comment. So until the next instalment, keep on gaming!

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