Fighter Kirby Statue Preorder Up!

Love Kirby and got $250+ to spend? Then there is an incredible new statue you might be interested in! Kuribo shares the details and shows off pics in his latest article.

If the Figma Samus was too cheap for your collecting tastes (or you’re just more of a Kirby fan!), then I have another figure announcement that might get your attention.  First 4 Figures, the makers of premium Nintendo statues, have announced their next statue in a growing Kirby line!  Fighter Kirby is definitely one of the cooler and most fun powers in Kirby’s arsenal so it makes sense that this statue comes after Sword Kirby.  As is usually the case with First 4 Figures, you can get this statue either as a Regular Edition for $250 or an Exclusive Edition for $260 that can also light up.  I really like the light up effect on this statue and the base is really top notch too.  I’m sure First 4 Figures knows that with a simple character design like Kirby, they need to add some exciting details.  If you’re interested in…

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