When this month was March was getting underway, sales for the Switch were good, very good and then they were bad, purely because stock was low, but now a resupply has happened, Switch sales are on the up once more.


In fact sales have been so good that the Nintendo Switch has now surpassed half a million sales in Japan alone (precise figure is 519,504 units), and such a figure has been reached in less than four weeks, something that not even the PlayStation 4 was able to do. (In 4 weeks the PS4 only sold 439,810 units and took 7 weeks to surpass half a million.)


Only it turns out, Switch is not proving as popular as the Wii U in the Switch’s home territory as the Wii U reached half a million within 3 weeks but the Wii U released during the holiday periods, whereas the Switch didn’t. However for the sake of repetition, Switch supplies are low, so had there have been more readily available, sales would be even higher and would have easily surpassed the sales of the Wii U,.


That being said, it’s still a good showing and more proof that Switch is not a console to be trifled with.


Source: Dual Shockers

By Jack Longman

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