Pokémon Sun & Moon’s 5th Global Mission is an Instant Success

Yep that losing streak we had, it’s well and truly behind us!


Yesterday the 5th Global Mission for Pokémon Sun & Moon got underway.  A mission that requires players to hatch 200,000 eggs before 23:59 UTC on the 10th of April. Doing so would earn the players 2,000 FC if they don’t have a PGL account and 4,000 if they did. But should players hatch a total of 400,000 than everyone would also get a Love Ball and also a Rare Candy, provided of course they hatch 3 or more Pokémon themselves.

However both the goals have already been reached, and even if you had yet to sign in to participate, there is still time to do so and be eligible for those rewards, but you will need to do some hatching of your own, with 3 being suffice enough, but way to go to all those breeders out there. You’ve done yourselves proud and us


Source: @SerebiiNet (Twitter)


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