Chain Chomp 2.5″ Figure World of Nintendo Review

Kuribo reviews a figure of a classic Mario enemy and explains how you can use it for some fun displays.

I don’t often pick up 2.5″ figures because there are so many released and I think the 4″ figures are more interesting to own and review but occasionally something unique comes out in this size or just catches my eye.  That was the case with this Chain Chomp that I spotted in Target recently.  The price was great at $3.50 and I had a hunch that I could use this in a fun way with some of my existing figures.

Chain Chomp World of Nintendo BoxBox – This might be the first 2.5″ figure I’ve purchased that comes in the open box packaging.  These first were used at Walmart but because I don’t shop there, I’ve never actually seen them in person.  I think Jakks came up with this idea to let a child touch the toy and which in turn makes them that much more likely to beg their parents to buy it.  Not…

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