[Event] The “Play Everyday Event” Gets Underway on March 14th (Fire Emblem Heroes)

If Fire Emblem Heroes wasn’t everyone’s favourite gacha game yet, it soon will be with all this content and events they keep throwing at it!


With the Grand Hero Ursula battle still ongoing but due to end tomorrow and the Voting Gauntlet event finally finito as well, with Lucina crowned the victor, a new event has now been announced and begins tomorrow! (The 14th of March.)


The event is the “Play Everyday Event,” which is exactly what it says an on the pot, an event that wants us playing every day and by doing so, we’ll be entitled to rewards, but it is also an event that comes in four parts:


As for what the now Daily login items are, you can see them below:


And just in case you wanted to see the full notification, we’ve got that image right here:


The event is not going to last forever (ends 11th of April, 2017,) but it does seem to be one sure fire way of earning some free Orbs.


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Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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