Nintendo Switch is the Most Successful Console sold at Launch in France Ever!

With more and more reports coming in regarding Switch sales during its launch weekend, it’s time we shared just how well the new console did in France.


According to data from Le Figaro, not only did the Switch sell well, so well in fact that it’s not just the most successful Nintendo console at launch in terms of sales, but it’s the most successful console at launch in general. Or to say it another way, Switch is a huge hit and sold 105,000 units. Although the Switch isn’t the only success story as Breath of the Wild has sold 96,000 copies for the Nintendo Switch and 34,000 copies for the Wii U.


Judging by the way things are going and the reports we’re getting, it’s really starting to look that later on this week, we could hear from Nintendo declaring 1 million Switch units have been sold, with at least 700,000 copies of Breath of the Wild sold just for the Nintendo Switch. So until that news comes, this is where we leave it, for now.




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