[Event] Xenologue Map Added & the Prince vs Princess Voting Gauntlet is Now Underway

Yet another batch of new content has made its way to Fire Emblem Heroes and while the we already knew about the Prince vs Princess event, there is content that has been added we didn’t know about.


New content such as a Xenologue Map that consists of a single Map that can be played on all three modes, with 3 Orbs earnable for beating the map on every mode and sees the return of Veronica and the Mysterious Man. To play the map, players will need to access Paralogues, where it will suddenly appear beneath the two playable Paralogues.



As for the other bit of new content, because of the new event that is now underway, 2 new Focus banners have been added and the details on said banners, can be seen here, followed by the official announcement of the Prince vs Princess event commencing and a reminder of what the event actually entails in full detail:

We hope all the information in photo form has been most helpful to you.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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